Architectural Solutions

Range of Architectural Solutions Products  and Systems

  • Coltlite glazed ventilators
  • Solar shading systems
  • ​Screening and performance louvre


Architecture has to resolve the often-conflicting demands of form and functionality. Innovative technical solutions from Colt can turn the Architect's vision into reality.

Colt provides intelligent and attractive solutions ranging from solar shading to performance louvre to glass constructions. Colt can assist the designer to optimise levels of natural daylight by using solar shading systems. Such systems reduce heat gain and hence cooling loads and can also provide aesthetic appearance to buildings.

With the drive towards reducing energy consumption, a key objective for most building designers is to maximise the use of natural light without the problems of excessive solar heat gain. Furthermore, Colt can offer simulations of how solar shading and daylighting will interact within a specific model.

Features and benefits of Colt Architectural Solutions Products and Systems
These can offer:

  • Potential for striking aesthetic impact
  • Provision of health enhancing daylight
  • Reduction of the costs of artificial lighting
  • Reduction of glare
  • Simulations to find the optimum balance of natural daylight levels and solar shading
  • Reduction of cooling loads in summer
  • Reduction of heating requirements in winter
  • ​Potential to integrate photovoltaic cells

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