Sky Plaza (Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 2)

Hong Kong (Airport Authority of Hong Kong) - The construction and development of SkyPlaza, the extended passenger facility of the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), has reached another milestone following the topping-out of its main building. Connected to the existing terminal building with a People Mover system, SkyPlaza has become a fusion point for multi-modal transportation centre linking Hong Kong with the Mainland. With a gross floor area of 140,000 square metres, SkyPlaza houses various passenger facilities as well as a variety of entertainment, retail and catering amenities.

For such a large space, the architect and consultant has put the Colt Smoke Control System - Glaze-type Kameleon ventilator to the building's roof to provide smoke control measures in case of fire emergency. The Kameleon ventilators not only perform its smoke control function but also give modern and unity outlook to the building's design.