Smoke Control

Range of Architectural Solutions Products and Systems

  • Coltlite glazed ventilators
  • Solar shading systems
  • Screening and performance louvre​

Smoke prevents the fire brigade from seeing where the source of the fire is and prevents people from escaping. The latent hazard of smoke should not be underestimated.

Over many years Colt has been involved with research about the behaviour of smoke from fires. Colt's smoke control systems ensure that if there is a fire, smoke is contained and removed, allowing safe escape and minimizing damage.

For various building types such as apartment buildings, shopping centres, warehouses, factories and single storey buildings, Colt delivers tailored smoke control systems. All Colt's smoke control products have been tested to and comply with the latest smoke control standards.

Features and benefits of Colt Smoke Control Systems
These systems:

  • Exhaust smoke and heat
  • Contain smoke
  • Achieve a smoke free zone
  • Assist with the immediate evacuation of the building
  • Allow the source of the fire to be pinpointed
  • Help avoid flashover
  • Enable immediate fire-fighting
  • Help reduce damage to property

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