Fit For A Purpose

Throughout its life your building's smoke control / solar control equipment must be fit for a purpose, properly maintained and tested.

By its very nature, this requires specialist knowledge, which may not be within the scope of mainstream building services or facilities management companies.

Your equipment - particularly the compressors and control panels that act as the heart of the system - should be checked regularly and thoroughly in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. The best approach is the appointment of a specialist to guarantee compliance with the service schedule requirements. The company should be able to use its specialist expertise to ensure that changes in building configurations or use could affect original system design parameters and that these are recognized and accommodated. Colt Service is such a company.


Service, Test, Certify

No business wants to be saddled with unnecessary or costly maintenance contracts. That's why you should speak to Colt Service. We provide a professional, competitive service, with regular, planned preventative maintenance helping systems sustain peak performance which minimising the possibility of your business being disrupted through unexpected equipment failures.

  • We tailor our services to suit the design and use of your building as well as its internal and external environments.
  • We provide planned, preventative maintenance to manufacturer’s recommendations, ensuring that equipment functions efficiently and as intended.
  • We offer a breakdown service - 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  • We advise if repairs are required but only quote for the work if asked.
  • We certify systems suitable for purpose and in compliance with required maintenance schedules.



FAS Service's network of skilled service engineers gives building owners access to the best possible technical advice from the industry's leading original equipment manufacturer, and its wider manufacturing & purchasing resources.

Although the majority of systems maintained are of Colt origin, FAS Service is equally adept at maintaining other manufacturers' equipment. We do on occasions need to gain access to equipment that are inaccessible by normal means. However, in cases we will protect our engineers, and clients, by ensuring that we carefully access the risks involved.