Climate Control

Range of Climate Control Products and Systems

  • Commercial Air Conditioning - Colt Caloris WRF
  • Natural Ventilation
  • Cooling and Mechanical Ventilation
  • Heating for Industrial Building​

No building is like any other. Its internal climate will vary in accordance with not only the season, but also with its location, how it has been constructed, and the use to which it is put. Thus each building requires a custom design or solution for climate control to be effective and efficient. All elements of climate - temperature, humidity, air movement and solar intensity - need to be in equilibrium for optimum comfort and productivity.

Colt can draw on its experience over many years of providing all manners of climate control designs and solutions in such diverse buildings as apartments, factories, offices, leisure centres, schools, warehouses, retail parks, car parks and shopping centres. Colt is also active in a wide variety of industries, such as food, plastics, engineering, automobile, plastics, chemicals, metals, paper and glass.

With Caloris WRF, Colt has set new standards in air conditioning. Colt Caloris provides individual air conditioning based on heat pump technology. Caloris combines all the advantages of VRF and heat pump technologies, with a safe, highly efficient water based system. Colt-Caloris water source heat pump system is an ideal alternative to both conventional air conditioning and reverse cycle heat pump systems.

The modular and multi-functional character of Colt climate control systems makes them a valuable investment. For example, natural and mechanical ventilation systems are often dual purpose, allowing smoke control as well as day to day ventilation. Alternatively, natural ventilators can be fitted with translucent or transparent lids or louvres to allow the entry of daylight. In many cases Colt heating systems allow for the possibility of heat reclaimation.

In a building, the internal climatic conditions are determined artificially. Colt is a leading expert in the design, installation and commissioning of all kinds of systems which control the internal environment, whether for new or existing buildings and also for commercial or industrial buildings.

Features and benefits of Colt Climate Control Products and Systems
These systems:

  • Comfortable internal temperature
  • A general feeling of well-being
  • More productive working conditions
  • Effective solutions to climate control problems based on long-time experience
  • Innovative, energy efficient systems
  • Modular, multi-functional design, e.g. combination of day to day ventilation and smoke control

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