Safety Policy

The Company's Safety & Health Policy Statement

The Safety & Health Policy Statement is prepared to provide a framework to promote safety and health on a FAS construction site.

FAS commits:

  • To maintain safety and health in a high standard on sites and in their management offices.
  • To ensure that all safety and health matters has been given the first priority in all aspects of the works to prevent loss and injury.
  • To comply with all Hong Kong SAR Statutory requirements, client's requirements and relevant international safety and health standards.
  • To provide a desirable working environment, welfare and facilities for all direct and indirect employees working on site.
  • Be a considerate contractor by ensuring safety, law abiding, good site management, environmental consciousness & being considerate to other contractors, neighbours and passer-by.


FAS believes that most serious accident can be prevented by adhering to this Policy and the Safety Plan.  In order to achieve this goal, FAS will ensure that adequate manpower, material resources and financial budget approval to support the running of an effective safety management system under the direction and monitoring of the Director, assisted by the Project Manager and Safety Supervisor, so that reasonable and practicable safety measures can continuously be provided to protect the health, safety and welfare of all employees, clients representatives, employees of other contractors, visitors and the member of the public, working for, visiting, or passing by a FAS construction site.

FAS recognizes the importance of all safety matters on site.  The Project Managers are responsible for review and revise their Project Safety Plans as required.  They are also fully responsible for the implementation of all safety elements stated on their plans, and the existence of reasonable and practicable safety provisions in all construction activities under their control.  All safety provisions must be well planned, thoroughly implemented, and follow through under effective supervision with the participation from all levels of site supervisory staff and workers.

Each foreseeable hazard or risk exposures in related to work will be risk assessed and to be covered by a risk control system or measure.  Relevant Safe Working Procedures will be communicated to all employees by means of provision of information and training.  Personal protective equipments of the approved type will also be provided as the last resort of defence.

FAS aims achieve zero accident and this Policy will be reviewed based on the change of legislation, nature of works, accident data and feed back from the front line personnel and workers.

The Policy shall be prominently displayed on site and Project Manager, Safety Supervisor shall explain this statement together with attached briefing topics to the new employees / workers as part of their safety induction training within two days of their commencement of work.